How can we help you? 


After a warm welcome and a conversation around your particular requirements you will be given time and support to enable you to gain the skills you need.

We can offer you 1:1 coaching, help and support with job searching, CV drafting, interview preparation and basic IT skills to support your job searching successfully. 

If you are on benefits and going into work you may need advice, please click here

Our facilities

You will be using Windows 10 laptops with MS Office software.  Printing facilities are available and USB storage sticks are provided. 

The Volunteer Team

Our team of trained dedicated volunteer coaches will help you write your CV, search for jobs, help you create a LinkedIn profile.  They prepare you for that important interview and teach you necessary skills using tried and tested coaching materials and techniques.


Redesign your life - NEW RESOURCES

Web author Peter Hawke, has put great free material online as part of his purpose, please take a look ... 

In our opininion they are:

  • interesting and valuable in themselves

  • trigger new ideas and actions for you as you read them

  • point you to the various free resources on the websites.

Surrrey & County Borders

Their core purpose is to work with people and lead communities in improving their mental and physical health and wellbeing for a better life; through delivering excellent and responsive prevention, diagnosis, early intervention, treatment and care.