Wonderful testimonials from our clients ... 


"Thank you very much for the wonderful support you offered in my job search. I am incredibly grateful for the interviewing coaching sessions, which helped me make a significant improvement in my interview performance.  I was delighted to receive 2 job offers, one of which I have accepted and start work in a few weeks.Thank you for all your wonderful help". October 2016

"I wouldn't have done it without your help, I mean it"   October 2016

"Would like to let you know that I'm now working and landed a technical lead role"   September 2016 

 Received earlier in 2016 ....

"Thanks to you and you team for your support. Your service was much more than simply rearranging CV, the Stoneleigh Job Club provide much valued self-assurance.I couldn’t have got my job without you. I really appreciate how you have gone above & beyond for me"

"Thank you so much for your support with updating my very ancient and unused CV and for the advice regarding interview skills and where to look for information and advice. You have boosted my confidence and look forward to sharing some job success news in the immediate future" X

"Thank you for supporting those of us that are looking for work, with utmost respect and compassion. Your efforts and personalised service truly are amazing. It's never easy being out of work and we go through a range of emotions, and yet I felt really welcome at Stoneleigh Job Club and I looked forward to the weekly meetings. I was lucky enough to be guided and helped with interview techniques, giving me an impartial point of view when I needed to discuss options, to letting me present to you and get feedback on positive improvements I could make. We as a community are very lucky to have you, and I thank you for being part of my journey" 

All the best, and I'll definitely keep in touch! 

Thank you once again :)

Feedback from one of our clients who was successful after a 6 stage gruelling interview procedure:-

"Thank you for all you time, encouragement, love and support.  Stoneleigh Job Club really is fantastic and I really appreciate how you have gone above and beyond for me.  I couldn't have got my job without you"!

"After all your help and fab advise with updating my cv I now have a job starting at the end of August. Thank you so much"