Who is it for?

If you are 18+ looking for your first job, returning to work after retirement or maternity leave, thinking of changing your job, starting up on your own, unemployed, or think you would benefit from further training, you will find a caring supportive coach able to listen and provide positive advice and help. 

Experienced coaches help people who need advice and support in getting the skills and confidence to successfully find work.  We do this in a compassionate and friendly manner regardless of your age, race or ability. 

Using Zoom 

If you would like more details on installing and using Zoom software, please send us an email

If you are experienced in using a different video platform, please let us know.  We will look to see if we can accommodate this platform for your personal coaching.

Easy to book sessions

Please click the picture link on this page to book.  There are a few questions to answer in a simple form to book your session.

You can also book a session by phone, please call 07941 231072.