General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) 

Privacy Policy 

As required by the above regulation, this notice summarises the personal information held by Stoneleigh Job Club, also known as SJC, the uses to which it may be put and with whom it may be shared.

The ‘lawful basis’ permitted by the regulations to hold and use the personal information described in this notice is on the basis of completion and signature by members of a joining form (permissions consent) form at the time of joining Stoneleigh Job Club.  

The following personal information is held by the club: (none is defined as ‘sensitive’ by GDPR)

  • Name
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • e-mail address
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Educational history
  • Employment history 



The information is solely provided by members* by means of:

  • Joining forms (consent)
  • Client session forms
  • Email Address
  • CV’s
  • Google Drive Form 


The information is held by:

  • Job Coaches and Officers** of Stoneleigh Job Club (Officers have overall responsibility for data protection matters) 

Storage & retention of personal details:

  • Digital files of all personal details will be held as password protected / encrypted spreadsheets by Officers. Hardcopies are also held securely.
  • Recipients are required to maintain the confidentiality of these files and delete / destroy out of date versions.
  • On ceasing to hold office, recipients must delete all such files and destroy hard copies thereof.
    • Client session forms will be deleted / destroyed within 1 year of a member leaving the club with the exception of:

o   Instances where a ‘deferral’ is agreed on health or other personal grounds (1 year)

o   Donation records (including members name & address) for HMRC purposes (7 years)

o   Joining forms (permission) to address any potential issue arising in the ensuing period (2 year)

  • The names of past Officers, will generally remain in perpetuity.   
  • A reminder to delete preceding versions will accompany the distribution of updates.  

How members’ personal information is used

  • Personal details are collected and collated by Job Coaches and made available to Officers for purposes of club administration and statistics.
  • Members’ disclosure permissions will be recorded and used to ensure any information disseminated is in accordance with members’ wishes
  • Consistent with permissions given, members’ names, telephone numbers, e-mail address and educational & employment history will be recorded for the purpose of Stoneleigh Job Club administration.

Members will receive relevant communications by e-mail unless requested otherwise in writing.

  • Postal addresses will not be released by Job Coaches or Officers to members. Members seeking this information must contact the individual by phone or e-mail.
  • Personal details will not be released to 3rd parties for commercial or other purposes without members’ explicit permission
  • Personal details or images will not be posted on Social Media or online sites without members’ explicit permission 

Members have the right:

  • to request changes to, or the withdrawal of permissions previously given
  • to receive a copy of their personal details held by the club ***
  • to correction or deletion of their personal details if inaccurate or inappropriate ***
  • to erasure, i.e. ‘to be forgotten’ by deletion of personal details when no longer required for the administration of the club.
    • to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if dissatisfied with the response to items above 

*     client of Stoneleigh Job Club

**    elected, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary

***  by contacting Stoneleigh Job Club in writing